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5 Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe for Spring

Posted on 10 March 2017

Spring is around the corner! We love spring. It is a time of re-birth where all things being a new cycle once again. Your wardrobe is not an exception! Check out these five steps on how to give your wardrobe a refresher for the warmer days to come.

Step 1: Shop Your Closet

Dig deep! You may find things you haven’t even seen in a long time that you would look great in or that might pair with that adorable spring jacket that you have been eyeballing. Be sure to try things on that you haven’t worn in a while to be sure they don’t fit.

Step 2: Purge!

Once you finished the previous step, get rid of stuff! This can be difficult. It is hard to get rid of clothes – especially when you can come up with a reason why you should keep every single piece. “I can wear this again if I shed a few more pounds.” “It fits so well that I don’t care that there are pills all over.” “But my husband bought this for me on our first trip to Barbados.” You have to cut the tie at some point.

Here’s how you can do it. Look for pieces that are versatile, fit well, are in good condition and are timeless. Anything else needs to go. If you have articles that you want to keep for sentimental reasons, only allow yourself one or two, and keep them in a separate place from everything else.

Step 3: Organize

Refresh not only your wardrobe but your closet with this step. It will make putting ensembles together more fun and you might even feel like it is a whole new experience! Divide everything into categories – dresses, bottoms, skirts, tops and so on. If you want to get really detailed, color code everything!

Step 4: Identify Gaps in Your Refreshed Wardrobe

Did you have to get rid of your favorite white blouse? Could you use a spring dress or two? Do you need more casual items or pieces that you can wear when going out? Consider what you already have and plan a trip of what you are missing.

Step 5: Shop!

Now you have a clean and organized closet, a decent mental inventory of what you have, a list of what you need. It’s time to shop! And consider grabbing some fresh items for spring 2017!

When you shop, consider buying items that you can mix and match!

Grab a great tunic, like this beautiful Multi Tunic that will take you all the way to Paris.

Everybody needs a pair of jeggings. If you don’t have some, grab a pair for this spring. They are both comfortable and versatile.

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