Style Your Favorite Spring Floral Shirt in Different Ways

Posted on 31 March 2017


Spring is upon us and the need to stretch out your wardrobe has taken precedence in the list of things to do! If you are wondering how to style a shirt different ways, pull out your favorite floral top (a new one or one from last year) and read on! Today, we are going to explore five different ways you can customize your floral shirt, without people ogling you for wearing the same thing for almost a week!

Pair it With Boyfriend Jeans

Rather than choosing the typical skinny jeans for your floral shirt, opt for boyfriend jeans. Pairing your floral shirt with boyfriend jeans which consist of a loose vibe and cuffed hems can really add a high note to your style game. Complete the look with some stilettos. These sleek additions will make your shirt seem like new and would only require you to raid your wardrobe carefully. Slap on a quick swipe of pink lipstick, tie your hair up in a top-knot and you’re good to go for your day’s agenda!

Wear a Belt

Some shirts have the tendency to look entirely different once you pair them with belts. For a floral shirt, we would suggest you to go for a big, suede-like belt in nude colors because nudes are very much in this season. Simply tuck your shirt in your jeans and buckle the belt around your waist. The belt can take away attention from your shirt, drawing in rapt attention. Neutrals always work best with floral prints but if you are not a big fan of fawn colored belts, go for pastels.

Chime For Change with a Jacket

If you want to conceal your floral shirt a bit, try wearing a faux statement jacket over it. There are a number of lightweight jackets available on the market for spring (or you might have some sitting in your closet already). A jacket will conceal your shirt some while adding a cool semblance to your entire outfit. For even better results, try styling your floral shirt with a jacket and white jeans, since both of these will deter focus on the floral shirt you’ve been working with so often.

What about Pencil Skirt?

No one can put a finger on the graceful appeal of a pencil skirt. This skirt looks very elegant and will do justice to your floral shirt in many ways. Your pencil skirt doesn’t necessarily need to be similarly patterned to that of your shirt. It is basically a matter of bringing to light the talent of mixing and matching. You don’t have to think cohesively when it comes to your floral shirt. You just need to look for a pencil skirt that goes nicely with your shirt. Solids are probably safest.

Statement Jewelry 

A single piece of statement jewelry can bring out the newness and gloriousness of your shirt. Try to choose a large necklace that frames your neck, particularly if you have a round, slightly low-shaped neckline. The necklace or a classy pendant will really step up your garment!

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